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  1. Fees are GST inclusive and non-refundable.

  2. Fees are tuition and are due in advance and should be paid IN FULL prior to the first lesson. If payment is not received, unfortunately your child will not be able to attend class until FULL PAYMENT is received.

  3. Payments can be made by direct debit or at reception by EFT, cash or cheque. 

  4. Overdue accounts with the exception of those with payment schedules will be charged an additional 10% if not paid within two weeks of the start of term. This fee will also be added to the whole account if scheduled payments aren’t made. 

  5. If parents have difficulty paying fees, please email or hand a note to reception to discuss financial arrangements prior to due payments.

  6. No refund or credit is give for missed classes (extreme medical conditions considered). Make-up classes are offered at a similar standard or style if the same class is not available as long as there is space in the class. 

  7. There are no refunds for concert fees once costumes are organised. 

  8. 30 DAY NOTICE is required to cancel an Account Holder’s studio account; without 30 day notice Account Holder agrees to pay tuition for all months charged. Students will not be considered withdrawn from the studio or any specific class until the business office is notified in writing by filling out a withdraw form or schedule change form. 



Once the term has commenced, fees paid are non-refundable* and non-transferable (unless a class is cancelled by Expression Dance School).  In particular, class fees cannot be used for private tuition fees.  

Refunds for cancellations prior to the term commencing will be issued as follows:

Less than 48 hours notice - no refund

48 hours - 7 days notice - 50% refund

8 days to 14 days notice - 75% refund

More than 14 days notice - 100% refund

If a student misses a lesson or a class is cancelled due to a public holiday, that lesson is NON-REFUNDABLE. This means there are no deductions for any missed classes. The student can make up that class providing there is another appropriate class to go into.


  • Class packages are non-refundable, non-transferrable and cannot be shared.

  • Class Packages may be reactivated ONE TIME ONLY.

  • 5-Class Packages is valid for 6 months only and may be reactivated for an additional 2 weeks for a $10 fee. 

  • 10-Class Packages is valid for 12 months only may be reactivated for an additional 1 month for a $10 fee. Includes all remaining classes.

  • NO reactivations for any reason after the 1-year purchase date.

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