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Mission Statement

EDS mission is to create a high quality studio environment that is warm, professional and supportive whilst providing our recreational and vocational dancers with performance opportunities. Our dancers will learn to develop work ethics and self-discipline that will not only be associated with dance but with general life skills in order to attain individual goals.

We will achieve these goals by:

  • You will learn how to move or groove with our highly qualified and experience teachers. They will put a smile on your face each time you come to class.​​

  • We have provided dance training for your child or yourself at all levels of dance, from Beginner to Advance.

  • Every time you come to class, you will feel important because we care about our students.

  • We promise to promote excellence.

  • You will have the opportunity to express yourself, be creative and fun in relation to dance.​​

  • We promise to provide honest and fair assessments.

  • Work towards attainable goals for each student as in preparation for examination, concerts, competitions and performance opportunities.​​

  • Promote individual talents in specific genre.

  • Establish examination-based goals that will lead to the gaining of qualifications.

  • Provide continual training, benefits and incentives for staff to encourage a long-term commitment of employees.

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